Information for parents

What is OKIDO all ABOUT?

Okido is an independently published, illustrated arts and science magazine for children published 12 times per year as of January 2017. Each issue centres around a different theme, each theme is explored scientifically and presented to the reader in a highly creative manner. Okido is full of educational content with direct leads to KS1 level of the national curriculum. All content is developed and designed by scientist and educational consultant Dr Sophie Dauvois. Okido is designed for reading both with parents and alone. From the ages of three to six our idea is that the child will be read to and there are many detailed stories and pictures for them to point out and discuss with the parents. From the age of six to eight the child can navigate easily through Okido by themselves and then follow their experience with discussion and discovery with their parents. Okido believes that Art and Science should be explored simultaneously and can exist in a learning environment together. Okido contains no advertising whatsoever and no plastic!

What AGE GROUP is OKIDO for? 

Okido is designed for children aged 3-7, but you can sit down and read it or do the activities with even younger children...


Each issue includes regular comic-strip stories:

Messy Monster (Rachel Ortas)

Messy Monster deals with an emotional situation and encourages discussion, empathy and understanding

Zim Zam Zoom (Dr Sophie Dauvois and Alex Barrow)

Zim Zam Zoom answers a scientific question and will stimulate scientific interest in young children

Yoga Monkey (Paul Noble)

Squirrel Boy (Beth Morrison)

Find Foxy (Mathilde Nivet)

Furthermore each issue contains comic strip stories from guest illustrators, an illustrated song or poem, a recipe, stories, activities, experiments, games, jokes, doodles, an Okido fan page and more.

What are the dates of publication, names, number and themes of the OKIDO issues?

OKIDO is published every month as of January 2017. Prior to this date OKIDO was published every two months.

Issue (45) ROBOTS published 24th of January 2017

Issue (44) SLEEP AND DREAMS published 15th of November 2016

Issue (43) FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS published 15th of September 2016

Issue (42) WATER published 15th of July 2016

Issue (41) MY GARDEN published 15th of May 2016

Issue (40) MY BODY published 15th of March 2016

Issue (39) PLANETS AND STARS published 15th of January 2016

Issue (38) FOOD published 15th of November 2015

Issue (37) TELEVISION published 15th of September 2015

Issue (36) FRIENDS published 15th of July 2015

Issue (35) SEASONS published 15th of May 2015

Issue (34) DINOSAURS published 15th of March 2015

Issue (33) ALL ABOUT ME published 20th of January 2015

Issue (32) CELEBRATIONS published 20th of November 2014

Issue (31) HEALTH published 17th of September 2014

Issue (30) HOLIDAYS published 15th of July 2014

Issue (29) MACHINES published 15th of May 2014

Issue (28 ) PLANTS published 15th of March 2014

Issue (27) HAIR published 15th of January 2014.

Issue (26) SPACE published 15th of October 2013.

Issue (25) BOYS AND GIRLS published 15th of July 2013

Issue (24) ANIMALS published 16th May 2013

I don't want to pay on line - how can I subscribe?

You can subscribe to OKIDO from £48 (plus postage) - or cheaper via Direct Debit - depending upon your country of residence - quite easily on our web site: Take a look here.

If you would rather not pay on-line then call 01293 312 167 or email to speak to a real-live Okido human and pay by cheque or credit card this way.

Can I order OKIDO on the telephone?

Yes of course! Call 01293 312 167 to speak to a real-live Okido human and pay by cheque or credit card this way. Lines are open from 9-5pm Monday - Friday.

Can I buy any of the OKIDO back issues?

Back issues are available from the shop. The most cost-effective way of purchasing these is by ordering one of our many 'bundles' available here.

What if I want to renew a current subscription?

You will receive a renewal letter and coupon through the post with your last two current subscription issues. Go ahead and use the coupon here or, any time you're ready, just call 01293 312 167 to organise a renewal subscription.

Can I order a subscription to OKIDO as a gift?

Yes, use the gift message box when you complete your subscription, fill in the recipient's name and address in the delivery detail section and the subscription will go directly to them. They will receive your message on the carrier sheet that arrives with their first subscription issue.
Alternatively, purchase one back issue of Okido plus a subscription voucher from the shop here. This way, your recipient will receive one back issue and be able to start their subscription using the voucher when ever they are ready! 

Can I send a special message with the first OKIDO?

Yes, use the gift message box when you complete your subscription. The recipient will receive this message on the carrier sheet that comes with their first issue.

Is OKIDO Magazine anything to do with the TV show Messy goes to Okido?

Yes, Okido Magazine has created Messy Goes To Okido for the BBC and the original Messy Monster comic strip can be found within each issue of the magazine.

I have another QUESTION for OKIDO

Great, just cal us and we'll do our best to help: 01293 312 167