We believe that it is fun to learn and that children deserve the best!

OKIDO magazine helps children learn through play. It is full of stories, activities and games that stimulate creativity and inspire scientific interest. 

Okido magazine is published every month by OKIDO Studio
Sophie Dauvois: Editor
Rachel Ortas: Creative Director
Alex Barrow:  Art Director
Maggie Li: Design and Illustration


Okido is the brainchild of multimedia designer and scientist, Dr Sophie Dauvois and illustrator Rachel Ortas, and is beautifully illustrated by contemporary artists and designers. (see contributors list).

Okido is designed for children aged 3-7

Messy Monster deals with an emotional situation and encourages discussion, empathy and understanding

Zim Zam Zoom (Alex Barrow and Dr Sophie Dauvois)

Zim Zam Zoom answers a scientific question and will stimulate scientific interest in young children

Yoga Monkey (Paul Noble)

Squirrel Boy (Beth Morrison)

Find Foxy (Mathilde Nivet)

Furthermore each issue contains comic strip stories from guest illustrators, an illustrated song or poem, a recipe, stories, activities, experiments, games, doodles, an Okido fan page and more.


Past Contributors


OKIDO received an Art award from The Wellcome Trust.